EZTrackIt Will Soon No Longer Support Legacy as We Steer Our Focus to Discovery.

Good News! EZTrackit is growing and improving by leaps and bounds over the Legacy version. We have had so many clients migrate to the Discovery version of our software so fast that we’re now on track to wind down the … Read MoreRead More

Compare EZTrackIt’s Inbound Mailroom Software with the Competition

  When you’re researching which inbound mailroom software to use in your residential building or medical complex, on campus, or for your company, there are a few good choices out there, all of which are fairly similar. But, they’re not … Read More

Product Fine-Tuning with the Fab Four

Now that EZTrackIt Discovery is in beta-testing, we’re getting down to the details of improving user experience. These details can be as small as choosing which test names go into the fields for the demo – which is, in fact, … Read More

Ditch Big Data: Finding Product Market Fit is Simple

Yesterday I had a conversation with a longtime EZTrackIt client, and as we were talking about different things, she started throwing out a laundry list of all the functions she wished our system had: “I always wished you could do … Read More