Beat Flu Season with Package Tracking Software

Cold and flu season is here and it’s very likely that your hospital or clinic has already been inundated with patients. People getting their flu shots, patients already coming down with colds, those being treated for more serious sicknesses; the … Read More

Fall Package Tracking in Healthcare Facilities

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Check-Up Season is Here. Are You Ready?

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Independence Through Package Logging

Like almost any organization, in a healthcare network money is mostly made or lost not by the few big things, but the myriad little ones. Those smaller expenses or missed revenue opportunities are just everywhere and they add up astoundingly … Read More

Boost ER Efficiency for Summer Patients

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If Your Health Care Records Are Digital, Why are You Still Hand Logging Packages?

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Healthcare: Kiosks, Clinics & Package Tracking Software

In 2013, we’ll see a trend of increased convenience and availability of basic medical care. Merchant Medicine reported that we can expect a 38% year over year increase in the number of retail clinics, with 2,500 expected nationwide by year’s … Read More

Fight Flu Season with Package Tracking Software

Flu season is in full swing and it’s particularly potent this year. We’re sure that your waiting rooms are full to the brim. There are procrastinating patients (finally) coming in for their flu shots, sick adults and children visiting the … Read More