The Worst Advice We’ve Heard About Inbound Package Tracking

Most of the really bad advice about inbound package tracking comes from within organizations themselves – often the result of the “well, this is how we’ve always done it!” mentality. If your mail room is losing packages, or if you’re … Read More

Package Limits and Fees

Hey everyone! I had a customer ask me about the Fees Column on the EZTrackIt package tracking software database, and what exactly it does. First and foremost, while this feature is available to all clients, by no means is it … Read More

What Are You Most Thankful For?

Hey everyone, it’s Sara again, and I decided to blog about a pretty popular holiday that is coming up for all American’s: Thanksgiving. Now, because I’m Canadian, we actually celebrated our Thanksgiving back in early October, but I didn’t get … Read More

You Say Package Management, We Say Empowering Awesome

The most amazing, creative, innovative, awesome force on the planet resides inside your head. There’s nothing more powerful or profound as human imagination and intellect. Look what we – all of us, humanity collectively, have accomplished. You’re reading this message … Read More

Be Brilliant

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by mind numbing tedium? Being forced to do a task that seems to do little more than steal your valuable time and attention is just plain awful. We feel your pain. You may think of … Read More

Healthcare & Technology Compatibility

One of the biggest hurdles to technology adoption that we’ve encountered is compatibility. Often individuals or organization resist adopting new technological advances because they do not work with their current systems and the cost associated with purchasing new ones is … Read More

Making Connections

I can recall a time when it was extraordinarily difficult to get almost any detailed information that you might need. This was before the Internet, of course. Now though we had a very different problem. We are deluged with data, … Read More

It’s Showtime! EZTrackIt’s Latest Trade Show

Despite what people say, most of us don’t like surprises. I found out about a trade show for co-op and condo buildings right here in NYC just last week. It seemed like the perfect fit for us here at our … Read More

Smoke & Mirrors at the Gas Station

After a long week of visiting hotel clients around Florida we were on our way to return our rental car. As we approached the car return location, we had to stop to fill the tank. We pulled into a very … Read More

Invisible Zebras in the Mailroom

In my recent trip to South Africa I learned a lot of things about Zebras. For instance, there are two different species of Zebra, one that lives in the mountains and the more common variety which live in the plains. … Read More