10 Quick and Easy Steps to Organize Your Office

As a mailroom manager, you need more than just mailroom organization to keep things running smoothly in the mailroom. You need to have your own office space organized, so that you know where things are and can easily find them to get … Read MoreRead More

EZTrackIt: Flexible So Your Mailroom Organization Doesn't Have To Be

EZTrackIt: Flexible So Your Mailroom Organization Doesn’t Have To Be

There are many problems that can occur with package management that can sacrifice your mailroom organization.  Whether you use the clipboard check system, if you are required to use hardware to make your system work, or if you have software … Read MoreRead More

Handle the mailroom-organization holiday rush with EZTrackIt-package logging software

The Holiday Rush is Upon Us. Be Prepared With Our Package Tracking Software

Christmas time is more than the season that children look forward to. It is also the time that more packages and letters come to business mailrooms than any other time of the year. It seems that everyone is in a rush to finish their … Read MoreRead More


The EZTrackIt Inbound Mailroom Software Experience

Is your university, corporate, or residential mailroom looking for a more efficient way to track and log incoming packages or mail? EZTrackIt is the answer you are looking for. … Read More

Mailroom Organization at Its Best

Mailroom Organization at Its Best Mailrooms are all too often impeded by legacy software tied to outdated hardware, both of which impose restrictions on what could be a far more efficient system. In a world of smartphones, smart appliances and … Read MoreRead More

Solving the Problem of Lost Inbound Packages

Solving the Problem of Lost Inbound Packages

It’s no mystery that of the common issues among most student housing mailrooms is the problem of lost packages. Someone needs to be responsible for making sure the students receive their deliveries properly, right? In light of this, most student … Read MoreRead More


EZTrackIt’s Locations Feature is the Ultimate Package Monitor

Other package logging systems can tell you when something arrived and when it was picked up and that is it. EZTrackIt’s Locations Feature is something new. … Read More