Back to School Organization for Your Student Mail Center

Fall is here and students are back to school.  When students return, so does an increase in mail and package deliveries, and although it may seem almost impossible, it can actually be easy to streamline your mailroom with EZTrackIt.  Our package … Read MoreRead More

It’s Fall Move-in! Shouldn’t You Update Your Student Package Tracking

Not Finals, not Midterms, not Graduation Day – no, the most hectic time of the school year for university housing coordinators and package handlers is Fall Move-In Day! Every September while nervous Freshmen and eager Sophomores funnel into their residence … Read More

Package Tracking Software Makes Midterm Season EZ

A lot of students are currently studying hard for their midterms, which are currently being administered, or will be in the very near future. That usually means that most of the residents on campus are either catching up on their … Read More

Package Tracking Software Feature Spotlight

Now that most students have been back in school for about a month, this is typically the time to prepare all faculty and students for the exciting events in the upcoming semester. Faculty and students spend countless number of hours … Read More

Package Tracking Tips for a Smooth Move-in

Though the busiest part of move-in season is behind us, there are still packages piling up. Students are exchanging books for different editions, or ordering ones that they thought they didn’t need. They’re ordering new clothes and decorations for their … Read More

Package Logging Software & The Fall Package Spike

One of the tools I have at EZTrackIt is the ability to see how many packages are logged in everyday with our package tracking system. Every year at about this time I watch the inbound package volume spike as students … Read More

Reaching Out to Students Before Fall Semester

A few weeks ago we discussed using this summer to gear up for fall semester in your campus mailroom. Hopefully by now you have implemented a package tracking system and trained your staff on using it, but you may not … Read More

Student Housing Trends from ACUHO-I

The folks who make up the Student housing industry tend to be full of fun and energy so it is always fun to go to an ACUHO-I show to promote our package tracking system. As always I am glad that … Read More

Gearing Up for Fall Semester

We know what you’re thinking, “It’s not even July yet! Fall move in is so far away!” But it is closer than you may think. One minute you’ll be working on your tan out by the pool and the next … Read More

Don’t Underestimate Summer Mailroom Activity

As the majority of students have vacated campus and with the scorchers we had this weekend, it’s safe to say that many of us are in the summer mindset. However, that doesn’t mean that your university’s mailroom is closed for … Read More